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Here's What Happens...

Take a peek at some conversations heard in the city! 

What will your adventure entail?

Father Perv

[09:31] Tяιɴι Sт. Jαмєѕ slowly turns to Angel, giving her a blank stare "he on the sauce again sis. we need to get him home"

[09:34] Tyson finishes his chanting as he prayed for the building as the cloud of darkness is still hanging in the town as he shivers looking around "the Devil is every where in the girls need to watch out...we need to go take a bath and wash the devil off one another!"

[09:35] Angel  steps closer "Listen Father Perv, you need to calm down..I am asking you nicely"

[09:39] Tяιɴι Sт. Jαмєѕ stares at Father Tyson, looking at him out of the corner of her " this some kind of new baptis......." pausing in mid sentence "umm just disregard what I was about to say" she shakes her head at Tyson then walks off

[09:41] Tyson shakes his head "if we don't wash off the devil we will be tainted by him! this is for your own good you believe me right!" 

The Wedding that never was

[11:12] Lynessa Auer (lynessaauer): shakes my head "Oh no, I am a happy customer of theirs!  I buy all my liqor from them and they give me a good deal you see.  Now the Baron and I?  Well it is true that he was sweet on me for a while you see?  I mean he'd come over sniffin' around the tavern, out of his high castle.  I had to tell him " speaks loudly in a shrieky appalachain accent "Mister Baron SIR! I am tryin' to do my work here!"   sighs "But as you can see, ain't no other man worthwhile here, "So I bought a weddin' dress and stood in town for about a month.   People said it was crazy....but as I said, I ain't crazy no more.   He never came around and I made pillows out of the dress."
[11:17] Angel  (criickett) looks up as she prattled on, using the back of her pencil to scratch her head "Electroshock you say?" Closing her pad she gave her nostrils a quick flare "Well thats some very interesting information you gave. And entirely unhelpful. I am not new to this line of work Miss Lynessa. Either you need a few more volts to get your head right, or you are avoiding my questions, I will give you the benefit  of the doubt and assume the latter." She nods her head "Good day Miss Lynessa and thank you for your time"'

A Rear Exam?

[12:08:25] Ben: Yes, Lynessa you can come by for a ear exam your self it has been a few years since we checked on your ears.
[12:08:39] Lynessa: huh?
[12:09:10] Ben: See, you are getting hard of hearing I have a nice horn I can hand you. It is at the hospital.
[12:09:12] Falan: whispers "Did he say Rear exam?"
[12:09:52] Lenore: she nods "yes it seems she does have some hearing problems." she laughs at Falan's comment "perhaps a rear exam might be necessary too" she wipes away a tear of laughter

She Gave Her Life

[10:12] Chyna Laveau (minnxey) put her elbows on the table, losing more and more strength as her sister grew stronger. She looked at Gypsy and gave a wink  "She will be fine now" her eyes again grew heavier as she turned back to her sister "I love you sis, never forget that" Suddenly dropping to her knees she knew her time weas limited
[10:13] Shaine Darkheart (shaine2000) nods still hugging her "thats cool...I am just glad you are awake and talking...I have missed you!" as he looks to gypsy and nods "yes as you can see she woke up" as he smiles looking over to chyna "what is wrong?"
[10:14] Lenore:  she looks shocked "Chyna?" she rushes over to her
[10:15] Shaine Darkheart (shaine2000) stands up from his chair as he keeps ahold of kaiyah as he looks between the two
[10:15] Lenore:  she shakes her head "I feel's as if she s fading..her spirit"
[10:16] Kᴀɪʏᴀʜ Lᴀᴠᴇᴀᴜ-Dᴀʀᴋʜᴇᴀʀᴛ (kaiyah2k13) sits up, looking at Chyna with a concerned look. even in a slightly weakened state, she know what just happened. she grabs Chyna's hand, still talking in a very soft tone with tears coming form her eyes "I love you too"
[10:18] Shaine Darkheart (shaine2000) helps kaiyah off the bed and onto the chair "here baby sit here" as he gets her settled then goes over to chyna and help her into the table "you ok what is going on?!"
[10:19] Chyna Laveau (minnxey) opened her eyes and looks at Shaine "You take care of her, Shaine. I am trusting you"  She looked up at her sister and smiled "Grandmother says hello, and how very proud she is as well" She gives an air kiss and closes her eyes one last time, slumping into the table 

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